Monday, May 7, 2007

Back to the Jungle

Here I am at work... It seems like just yesterday that I was on vacation. Oh wait, it was yesterday. That's right. Duh. I'm so tired I can't even deal. I feel like my head could hit the desk at any time and the sound of my phone ringing makes my eye twitch. Is there such a thing as vacation hangover? If not I'm inventing it right now, patent pending.

I had such a wonderful time in Ohio. It makes it harder to leave everytime I come "home."

Andrea's wedding was absolutely beautiful! All us girls were beautiful too thanks to the wonderful workings of black satin, a salon, and Jodi Springer's Mary Kay Magic. I had a dozen people tell me that they didn't even recognize me at first.
Among other entertaining events, I got to Cinco party with my fam, see my brothers (except for Ryan because he was playing ball), and spend some time with the inlaws and my Jessica.
The white wine is always good and kudos to Colorado for making Fat Tire beer. It's now right up there with Texas' Shiner Bock as one of my favorites.
Beautiful Brittany. My Lil cuz.

My momma! :)

E-Bunny and me- So cute I can't even deal.

Me and Mrs. Fergie-Ferg

My soon-to-be Sister! She'll be taking my name...

The fam- Trent, Chase, Dad, Cheryl, and me

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