Saturday, June 7, 2008

Checking things off our list

We've got an amazing amount of to do lists - I might need to make a list to keep track of all my lists. Now that's just sad.

I always forget how stressful it is to move. It always seems like a lot of fun until you are in the middle and there's no going back but there's still a lot of foward ground to cover. I've got boxes (filled and yet to be filled) blanketing some of the rooms of our apartment) and every box that needs to be filled has a mental process that goes with it....

-Is this something that really needs moved?

-Is this something that will be needed in the next few weeks?

-Is this the right sized box for this thing to go in?

-Does this really need moved (we have a lot of stuff)?

-Will this be needed immediately when we get to IL?

-If not do we really need it at all?

I'm trying to pare our stuff down as much as possible. I'm feeling like we have a lot of dead weight around here that should go.

I keep motivating myself by thinking of people who live in 500 square feet and everything they own has a purpose. You know IKEA style. I would ideally love to be that person. Until I remember I love buying in bulk, and I love a good sale, and I love having pretty things around me. Then it all goes to pot.

And the most amazing miracle happened while I'm typing this.... My husband (the perpetual packrat, it's hereditary, just ask his mom about his dad) had claimed that today he will go through the binders and binders of seminary notes that have accumuated over the years (really like 25 binders of paper) and will pare them down to what he needs. Whoohoo! I'm going to take pictures of this momentous ocassion.


Anonymous said...

A well respected work in progress! You are doing a great job!! Yes Dad is a true packrat/scavenger-but then we all hane benefiited from it!!Hang in there!! You forgot the most important part-an update/pictures of Baby Max!!!Mom

Heidi said...

I think it's the engineer in them that makes them want to hang on to school "stuff". Oh well, Max will someday enjoy sorting through Daddy's stuff. Our Elin has a great time with her Daddy's old calculus book!

Laura said...

I can't imagine having to go through all of your stuff, pack, and take care of Max at the same time....
At least the 'nesting' instinct can work to your advantage :)