Monday, June 30, 2008


People who aren't from Ohio (or the Big 10) may not know this popular cheer, but here in public if someone calls out "O-H" someone (more likely a group of people) will respond with an "I-O." And not even think twice about it.

Yesterday I was asked to "Y'all" for someone. I did.

We have been having quite a special time with our family and friends here. There's too many stories to share and faces to see, but we are gearing up for another busy day.

Max flew well with me on Friday. I couldn't have asked for a better flight, or a better baby.

Friday afternoon Max met his Great Grandma on my side (my mom's mom) and then also met his Aunts Andi and Erin and Cousin Ali, and then later Grammie Music.

On Saturday Max met Auntie Jess (while mommy got her haircut) and also met Uncle Nick and Aunt Kara later in the evening. Daddy and Grandpa got into town that afternoon safe and sound from Texas. Just a little tired from driving 16 hours straight.

Sunday was a ridiculously busy day. I can't believe we made it through without any major meltdowns from Max or me.

We were commissioned during the services at East Side. It was so special to us and hopefully them. Nana came over for lunch and then Grammy and Grandpa had a Buckeye party for little Max. He was such a trooper being passed around from person to person and loved all the attention. He slept so well last night.

Today we will be visiting more family up in Morrow County. More great grandparents and tonight a party at Uncle Nick's house. Max is sleeping right now storing up smiles for today.

Here's a slide show of what showed up on my camera over the past few days.

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Laura said...

Wow, awesome sure have been busy spreading love around Ohio!