Sunday, June 15, 2008

Endings and beginnings

We are really feeling pressured by the end of our time here in Dallas. We are trying to cram as much stuff as possible into these last days and are pretty booked until out time here is gone. We've been checking off out "things to do before leaving Dallas list." If you are friends of ours and live here in Dallas, seeing you is probably on the list and you need to call us so we can find time to see you! Please!

Also on our list was going to a Frisco Rough Riders game at Dr. Pepper Park. So yesterday we grabbed our tickets, went up early and stopped by IKEA for some things we'll need once we move, ate dinner at Ritzy's killing time until the sun was a little lower and more comfortable for Max, and made our way over to the Park. As we were walking up to the gate we ran into some friends who were leaving the game early. I stopped to chat and show off Max while Adam was getting out tickets scanned and came to find out that our tickets were actually for next weekend! We had accidently purchased the wrong date! Luckily Andy and Andrea came to our rescue and we got to watch the rest of the game on their tickets (the guy working the gate was really nice and allowed us to go in on their stubs). We had a great time and it was a fun "boy" thing to do for an early Father's Day outing.

Today we went to church and out to lunch to celebrate Adam's first Father's Day. The rest of the day will be spent packing and getting the house together for moving.

Happy Father's Day to all you "Dad"s out there!

Daddy and son at the baseball game

Happy American Family

My baby's a hunk

He's surprised he can hold his head up so high (and so are we)

Sweet, smiling, sleeping baby


Mark said...

Great Father's Day picture of Adam and his son at the ballgame. Thanks for the pictures of Max. pOST MORE:-).

Laura said...

He is holding his head up so great already! Wow, that is awesome. I love the pic of the 3 of you at the game :)