Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I can't believe we leave here in three days. So much to do so little time. Here are some pictures of Max. Can't stop to chat long, I've gotta keep packing, organizing, cleaning....

Hanging out with cool Mike T.

Max's First Babysitters Lizzie and Geoff

Great Aunt Candace came to visit from Austin

Joanna our great friend and short term neighbor

Smiley boy! (With Gilbe in the background)

This is what our house looks like.... This is ridiculous.


Mark said...

I didn't know you were teaching smiley boy sign language :-).

Cara Kipp said...

He certainly didn't learn it from his mom. :)

Laura said...

His smile is soooo cute!

Darby said...

I love your sign for Ella! I'm putting that in the back of my mind for someday when Kate has cousins. C-U-T-E!