Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lots of new things

We've been doing a lot of new things in our lives lately. We've said a lot of things we never said, mostly revolving around the baby- But one thing we've been saying a lot is, we are thankful. I can't say that I say, "I am thankful" all that much in my "normal" life, but we've been saying it over and over again lately.

We are thankful for Max and especially thankful he is a good sleeper and eater. We are thankful for our NEW church family and our OLD (current) church family and in general the fellow believers we are in contact with every day. We are thankful for what God is providing for us every day (meals, sleep, support, visits, phone calls, letters and cards, excuses to get out of the house).

In update form, here's the low down on what's going on with us:

Max is getting so big! He loves to try and hold his head up and he's a champ of an eater.

I am actually looking forward to going back to work (although for a limited and short amount of time). I miss having the schedule and need to be somewhere. I'm going to have to make a schedule for myself once we move and settle into Washington.

Adam is working 40 hours a week at the BookCenter trying to support his loafer of a wife (I like the change around of roles as of late).

We went to church today and sat in the foyer where they have televisions and have started home group again in our house tonight. It really is good to be back to a seminormal life.

And now to round off the update- More pictures of the little one to satisfy all of your curiosities in chronological order.

Wrinkly naked baby... What could be cuter?

Max loves it when he can find his thumb.

Baby (or not so baby) Kate came over to show us how she's almost ready to crawl.

Adam wanted to prove that I like to play video games still. Professor Layton and the Curious Village is a really great game full of puzzles and brain teasers. I told him I was just trying to keep my brain sharp.

We love bath time!

We like naked time too.... I think my brother, Nick, sleeps like this... Kara can you confirm this?

Max attended his first party yesterday, a baby shower for Lily Claire, to be born at the end of June. In order to commemorate the big event he wore his first pair of shoes.

Max also had his first bottle yesterday. He will have to be partially bottle fed while I am back to work in the next couple of weeks. Daddy got to feed him and he really didn't seem to mind the change in format.


Laura said...

Love those wrinkles!!!

Kara said...

Yep, he looks just like a mini Nick sleeping! :) So cute Cara. We can not wait to see him!

Anonymous said...

He looks like a little Shar-Pei (sp?) puppy in the first picture!!! Too cute :-) My baby loves naked time too but watch out for when he starts walking cuz my little one tries to run outside naked.