Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everything's new

There seem to be periods where everything is new around here. Max learns so much, it's hard to keep track of.

This week Max seems to be learning everything at once. Such a little sponge. The other morning I was getting him dressed in the morning and asked him if he wanted to eat. Max went ahead and signed "eat," then "more," then "eat" again. We've worked on baby sign language for a while, specifically "more" and "all done." Max will use those signs when asked. I tend to sign a few more words to him just out of habit and sign "eat," "please," and "thank you" but have never showed him to sign those. I was quite shocked when he signed "eat" repeatedly and has continued to do so. So now we are actively working on "please" and "thank you."

Also his new favorite thing to do (besides dancing) is spinning. He will just stand in the middle of the floor and spin until he falls over, which he finds hilarious and stands up and does it again. Especially if you laugh at him. He is his father's son, if you laugh, he'll do it again, and again, and again. I didn't have video but a succession of pictures should give you the gist.

I'm not sure where he learned how to do it, but it's super fun.

He's also to the stage where we can leave the house and get to the car without me having to pick him up except to put him in his carseat (although we are still having instances where he thinks it's ok to stand and dance on the stairs and then falls down them).

And finally the haircut pictures. Max wouldn't even let me hold him for the haircut, he wanted to sit in the big chair and loved when Ms. Mandy got out the hair drier. I can't believe how big he looks now, especially from the back.


I'm back on a yarn spurt, I made a slew of little baby hats for some winter babies that have been announced and I'm working on a crocheted blankie to go with one of the hats.

I mentioned finishing the scarf, here's a couple pictures of it.

After a field trip to the yarn shop this morning, Max came home with some yarn for his own scarf. This one is to be a little more manly. I got to it right away.


Laura said...

Cute haircut Max!

Laura said...

Fun adventures!! I love Max with his scarf and big guy haircut!! So much fun!! Hope date night was a great celebrationof !!!!!Grammy