Monday, June 15, 2009

Only a few moments

We are here in Nebraska and every one of our 29 people arrived safely. Max, though, has come down with something and has had a pretty high fever 102 during the day and spiking higher at night for 36 hours or so and has been vomiting. We went to the small town clinic today to see a nurse practitioner as I thought it would be an ear infection again, but it's not and they aren't sure what it is. They tested him for strep throat (it was negative) and want to see him again tomorrow to check him out. Needless to say I've been useless the past two days and pretty sleep deprived (so has Adam, but he's still been working with the group during the day).

We are seeing A LOT of progress at the church and have been blessed here as we help others. The congregation of this church, though small, has a huge heart andvery welcoming arms. We've been having great fellowship with the pastor and his wife and four little daughters since we are staying with them in their house, I just pray that Max hasn't gotten the girls sick.

If you think of it, pray for Max tonight. It's so hard as a mom to see your little one sick and not be able to do anything about it and especially be so far from home.


Anonymous said...

Keeping you in our prayers!!We know you are in great company-hang in there!! Hope by now Max has bounced back and everone else is Healthy!! Mom

Kara said...

Give Max a hug and a kiss from us! Poor little man!