Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This week in random notes

We're back up and running. I've been immersing myself in VBS planning and Max has been running around like the crazy toddler he is.

I finally finished my first started knitting project (I've done one or two in the mean time, but this was the one I started during the class I took). I was watching a program on knitting and they ended up talking about crocheters that learn how to knit and how continental knitting is sometimes easier than English style. That got me to thinking and I tried it out. Wooooeeee I was zooming once I got the hang of it. Since I'm used to holding yarn in my left hand for crochet, keeping it there for knitting makes it much more comfortable and has less movement. After I finished the scarf this afternoon Max wore it for an hour and a half without taking it off. Good thing it was a "summer" scarf, so he was atleast in the right season.

Speaking of which, Max is definitely all about the accessories. He loves belts, ties, scarves, and hats. He could care less about shoes though.

Next up for my needles, I'm going to make a scarf especially for Max. Which means he'll probably ignore it and still get in my closet to pull mine out.

Since Max was sick he was off milk for a few days and was refusing all forms of food and liquid. So in the process he weaned himself from the bottle. I put the last of them away yesterday. He's now solely on sippy cups. It was a little sad to leave the one last "baby" thing behind, but I guess that means I'll just have to have more babies to make up for it right?

Also since he wasn't eating he lost some more weight. This means that now he's a skinny little thing running around without the little leg fat rolls that were so cute and no more belly peeking from the bottom of his shirts. He's actually almost gone down a size in clothing. I'd put away most of his 12 month stuff and now 18 month stuff is looking a little large on him.

Also, I meant to mention that I did get to see Chimney Rock on the way home. They light it up at night and we could see it from about a mile away (in the picture we were less than a quarter mile from it).

Tomorrow Momma and babe are getting haircuts. This will be Max's first hair cut and he needs it badly. Just one more step out of babyhood.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the fun updates!! Yes I'm selfish-I need more pictures of Max and his accessories!!Fun stuff!! Grammy

Mark said...

Yes another grandchild would be great.