Thursday, June 11, 2009

I didn't intend for this...

I've been working quite a bit on our yard and trying my hand at landscaping. I had originally wanted to wait out this whole year to see what we already had but we had a little problem with some ferns trying to attack people and I started down a rabbit trail. Now every time I'm at Menards or Walmart I "have" to make a run through their gardening centers and normally leave with something, a tool, a plant (only perennials for me right now), some potting soil, etc.

I've been spending a little less than an hour a day digging something up, planting something, admiring the things growing, and today it was rainy, so not even watering was needed, but I happened to peek out the window and needed to dodge rain drops to take some pictures of what I found.

Wild Horses Daylily (from my grandma)

I didn't think it would bloom for at least another week (the bloom still looked tight yesterday) and now I'm hoping the other 3-4 won't get started until we're back next week.

Oriental Lily (also from my grandma)

getting ready to come out (I have 4 of these each with 5 blooms or so)

Red Geranium

I thought I'd killed it (it was really sad looking for a couple of weeks) but I've been nursing it back to health after the advice that I shouldn't do anything to it and just stick it in the sun. It was a pretty tall one, but it kept getting harmed by Max who likes to pick leaves, but now it has three groups of buds again, I'm ecstatic.

I also have some sad looking cilantro and some lovely sweet basil (both have been used in dinners this week) that I picked up potted, because the seeds I started early in the spring were a bust. Mostly it busted my confidence, but looking today at these pictures, my confidence is growing.

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