Thursday, August 27, 2009

Diapers and knitting

I've pretty much decided that for our next kids (someday folks, someday) we'll start off using cloth diapers. I do a load of laundry every other day anyway. Might as well. I especially decide this everytime Max gets a bout of diaper rash. With every sniffle, cough, virus, cold, and set of shots, Max gets a diaper rash. Sometimes it's just for a change or two, but this time (and a few previous times) it's been major. Like writhing, screaming on the changing table major.

Yesterday I was at my wits end and ended up putting a cloth diaper (used as a burping cloth around here, I have like three I never packed away) on him and held it on with our usual pampers, slathered him in mylanta and petroleum jelly, let him run around outside without anything on (complete with a strange look from a neighbor), and tried to get him to take a bath. I knew this one was bad because he wouldn't sit down, he would lay down or stand but I couldn't make him sit anywhere, not even in the bathtub.

Last night I even woke him to change him before I went to bed so that he wasn't in the same diaper all night. Today it looks a little better (but not much). He had his shots last Monday so it's been a week and a half. Hopefully by the end of this week we'll be completely back to normal.

Yesterday when he wouldn't sit just lay down, and he woke up very upset from his nap (with another dirty diaper)

Here's a picture that needs an explanation.

Today Max is wearing the most appropriate shirt ever. It says Making Mischief and has Max from Where the Wild Things Are. This is actually one of the few clothing items I've ever bought for Max and he just "had" to have it. Also if you click on the picture to make it bigger you might be able to see the bruise on Max's cheek. He has just been destructive in climbing things and then falling. This one even gave him a bloody nose and there were tears involved. As I was typing this sentence he climbed on top a little box he'd pushed in front of the tv stand and attempted to climb on top the stand. Yep, that's normal for us now.

I've finished two of the three WIPs (works in progress).

Mom's scarf is done- it was by far the hardest knitting project I had done this far. It still needs blocked, but it's done and ends are weaved in.

And Mr Monkey is modeliing the baby VVS blanket finished yesterday. I did great finishing the blanket and then it took forever to get the fringe on. I was supposed to use up all the yarn you see (that was the point in me making the blanket, to get rid of yarn) but I still had some left over so I made a little matching hat too. And I still have some of the yarn left over.

I also started a new project yesterday. The first of the two blankets for Nick and Kara. They don't know what they are having yet, so I chose brown and green for the blankets. One will have a band of brown with green in the middle and the other will be opposite.

I'm loving the seed stitch that makes the border. So quick. The pattern I'm working is the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the SNB book.

Here's the yarn projects I must complete before buying any new yarn....
Shelly's shawl
two big bad baby blankets
Rylee's hat
Max's hat
two more baby hats
mom's hat
baby sweater
hat and scarf set

so i thought it had nine projects, but really i have 12! better get my hooks and needles flying because after that it's a bevy of Christmas projects!


Kara said...

Love the idea for the blankets... cant wait to wrap the babies in them! :)

Laura said...

Poor Max's butt!

Ella said she wants to play with Max, climb all over you furniture, and if he doesn't know how yet she'll teach him to open the fridge and take things out and hide them around the house.

Love the red scarf...those cables look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope Max is bouncing back!! Sounds like you are on top of it!!
Such fun crafting!! I think it is awesome that you so graciously share your beautiful projects with others!! Mom