Friday, February 12, 2010

Poor kid with a complex...

I make Max model a lot of the things I make, even the girly things. Somehow he knows. Yesterday I made his hat and he's barely taken it off. Last night I made a girly hat for a friend of ours and this morning just wanted him to try it on to make sure it would fit the 2 year old. He was not happy about it at all, its like he knew or something.
but nonetheless, I absolutely love the hat and it's perfect for this sweet little girl whose birthday is just around Valentine's Day. I've got the pattern already saved waiting to make the newborn version if in fact we are having a girl.
We go to the doctor on Monday to find out the sex of the baby and to ensure some of it's healthiness.I'm anxious to get busy with specific plans for this little one, lots of knitting, rearranging, sorting through boxes stacked upstairs, and buying (if it's a girl).

Oh and the names, which of course will be held close to the chest until baby is here. But we've pretty much agreed on a boys name and have a pretty short list of the girls. That is my favorite part after all. It's all about being clever and sentimental and original. All important things for me. 

And I don't know how I forgot about this little sweet thing, but I finished a little blanket for Peebo at home point last week. It's organic cotton and oh so bright and pretty gender neutral even though it has blue. At least I think so I guess. The cotton, colors, and open pattern are why I thought it would be a great summer baby blanket.

It's a little asymmetrical because I had started another pattern that I didn't like as much and had already cut pieces, but I guess that just makes me like this even more because it's just a little different. 

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Anonymous said...

Max is being a good sport!!He is mocho enough to handle it!! It is an adorable hat!!-Interesting that he seems to know the difference!!Can't wait for the update on Monday!! Grammy