Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Boys are Here in Two Ways

One Way
My awesome little nephews were born on February 15th and they are getting to go home today. I'm so excited to be Jaxson and Landon's Auntie!

Two Way

This weekend Adam's dad is yet again coming to work on our house. He's bringing along a family friend and they are tackling the last upstairs room and turning it into something a little more suitable for crafting/guests. Because this :

Is just not cutting it.

Both of these ways, has led me to start calling February "Project Finishing Month" I want to get started on new stuff for this baby girl, but by and large I'm trying to withhold and finish all the things I've wanted to get done so far and haven't.

That means lots of knitting, some things being hung on the walls (finally!) some framing of pictures, lots of throwing junk away, quite a bit of organizing, and a little creativity. Don't get me wrong, I'm cheating here and there, like the buying of lavender bins at Target yesterday (they were on sale and count as organizing right?) and online shopping to finish off the bedding set (again sale, how could I pass it up?).

But I'm trying to stay committed but I'm starting to have major pregnancy brain and can't concentrate on anything longer than 30 seconds. In fact during the writing of this post I've stopped three times to do other things.

I'm scheduling to head back to Ohio with Max for a week or so this coming week, so I should have some good things about the trouble we get into there. I got to get me some baby love from those nephews and little Linleigh too.


Amber said...

Your nephews are adorable. And, I love the new header - yeah pink.

Laura said...

Your little nephews are sooo cute! Have a great time getting to cuddle them when you head to Ohio :)

Darby said...

Please tell Nick & Kara congratulations! The pic of those sweet babes is fab! They look happy & healthy!