Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twenty weeks in a beret.

This week I'm 20 weeks along, which is hard to believe. But nonetheless all signs are pointing towards the baby. The heartburn, the growing belly, the back pains, the tiny fluttery movements, the crazy dreams, my obsessive need to wash the kitchen curtains. All the signs are there. I've made a mock up of the completed nursery in my notebook and left out the gender particulars. I never did finish the nursery for Max, and he never really seemed to care. That's boys for ya.

I cast on for my beret on Saturday and finished it on Sunday, blocked it yesterday (Monday) and wore it today. How's that for starting, completing, and putting a project to use. It called to be blocked (stretched) over a pie plate. Adam thought that was awesome. I had just enough yarn and changed the pattern just a teensy bit. The particulars are on my ravelry projects page.


Amber said...

Love it! The belly shot and the beret! You are too cute.

Anonymous said...

You are a very busy mama!!Thank you for letting me have a peak at my new grandbaby!!Still on the fence - boy or girl??? So cute!! Lots of love! Grammy