Friday, July 23, 2010

30 things before 30

So today I turn 28. I thought I would write a few (30! ok a lot) of things I would like to do before I'm 30. You know as a way to make sure I'm doing something worth while and have a couple goals to reach.

1. Run at least a half marathon if not a full one
2. Clean out my closet to things that I only actually wear (not wish I could wear or might wear someday)
3. See the pacific ocean
4. Decide whether or not (and have if we are) any more children
5. Weekend in Chicago (this was on my list last night as I was thinking of things, and that's what my gift from Adam is for my birthday! He must have read my mind)
6. Learn to quilt
7. Complete another full sized afghan (either knit or crochet)
8. Decide on a career
9. Join a CSA for a summer
10. Get Adam to eat the veggies from the CSA
11. Take Max and Penny to a real live farm to see animals and/or harvest
12. Visit the PNW
13. Find a little black dress I actually like
14. Finish reading the whole Bible (I've started this one so many times, but always go back to my favorites instead of reading it all)
15. knit myself a sweater
16. Feel comfortable in my own skin, no matter what it looks like, or who I'm with
17. Clean out everything we collect and make it into everything we use/need/love
18. Catch up on Max and Penny's scrapbooks
19. Have a "handmade Christmas" where everything I give has been handmade by myself or someone I know
20. Vacation without the kids (I think the overnight in Chicago might count for this one too...)
21. Go to Disneyland
22. Learn to use our camera in manual mode a little better
23. Have professional (really professional) family pictures taken
24. Visit Dallas again
25. Spend some time alone on a beach and just read a book or magazine or knit
26. See MOPS (or any other ministry I might be involved in) flourish
27. Play my cello again
28. Read all the books I've bought and never read
29. Use trifle dish that I bought years ago but have only used to hold ice
30. Have a garage sale

I'll be checking in with these periodically to update as I go.


Amber said...

11. We can arrange that here - come visit :)
12. I wanna go with you!

Laura said...

I see a lot of things on your list that can be accomplished by coming to visit us here in Spokane! Good luck on the rest :)