Saturday, July 3, 2010

Three weeks

Penelope turns three weeks tomorrow. It's been a crazy ride folks, but we're still hanging on even if the merry go round keeps spinning.

We are so fortunate to have such an easy baby. Last night I even got a 5 hour stretch of her sleeping (too bad it started at 9pm and not at 11 when I went to bed).

Max loves her to death still. Maybe even a little too much. But immediately calls for her in the mornings instead of Mommy and Daddy now, like she's gonna come let him out of his room.

Here are some stats and facts about out life and specifically Penny.
- She has darker hair than I would ever have imagined, but in the last two days it's started to turn an auburn/strawberry color.
- She's a champ of an eater, and is very interested in eating all the time, but at least she's quick about it. And she'll let you know when she's done.
- That leads to her weight being 8lb 12oz on Wednesday at the doctor at 17 days old. That's accounting for her weight loss after birth and then gaining another 3/4lb on top of that. But that's still smaller than Max was at birth. Which blows my mind.
- She loves to be cuddled and held and snuggled. Max did not particularly care for any of these things.
- She is still in newborn clothes but is already getting too long for them.
- She has a round little belly but skinny little legs
- We tried cloth diapering for the first time yesterday, but the skinny little legs left leaky gaps in even the smallest of the cloth diapers I have. So we'll try again next week.
- She has the most perfect little pout and a very angry cry. The pout is courtesy of Mama's genes. I have many a baby picture with the exact same pout.
- She loves to sleep on Papa
- She thinks Mama is solely for eating
- When Max "holds" her he keeps repeating "Not crying yet, Penny not crying yet"
- I've already started perfecting my knitting while nursing moves. I'm getting pretty good at it already
- It took me almost two weeks to pick up yarn again
- My recovery from this pregnancy has been a piece of cake compared to the last one. I think that I knew this time I needed to take it easy and really tried to, and that made all the difference. Now I can almost do everything I was before.
- I have three weeks until I am back on the treadmill training for that 5k again. I'm counting down those days.
- I've decided that you totally forget how much awesomeness there is in a tiny brand new baby. How in awe I am of every movement and moment. I also can't believe how people cannot believe in a Divine Creator when they see every perfect little part of her from her nose to her toes.
 Family Picture

Family picture with Grammy and PopPop

Two weeks of love

Sweet girl

Baby wearing

Max was measuring the sky <3

Picking flowers

 Baby toes


Amber said...

I am nervous about being thrown on that merry go round of a toddler and newborn, but if it is as wonderful as you make it seem, maybe I can do it!

The Kipps said...

Yea Thank you for the pictures and update. My favorite was Max measuring the sky. Miss You.

Love Grammy and Poppy