Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Day of School

Max's first day at the Parks District was this morning. We all slept in late (not necessarily a bad thing) and so we rushed around this morning to get there by 9. I had Adam snap a few pictures before we left while I was getting Nell ready to go.

He wasn't quite sure about what "school" meant, he kept mentioning the bus and friends that I knew wouldn't be there. 

When we picked him up he refused to leave. Adam had to literally grab him by the hand and make him leave. So I'm thinking today was a success. When we asked him what he did, he kept telling us about LEGOs.


Amber said...

So grown up!

The Kipps said...

Hard to beleve he is only two. Glad he had a great time. I think he should be able to take his tool box instead of a back pack. What did he put in his back pack?

Love Grammie and Poppy