Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 2 - how they look

I get a lot done when I'm up and at 'em at 6 am. That's not a great time for me, but I don't really have a choice. Penny's got a cough and it woke her up that early. She's normally my late sleeper, but not this morning.

I've already got some laundry done, taken a shower, the kids are dressed (I just put pjs back on, but for some reason I dressed the kids?)

So anyway the joy of LOVE day 2 is to take a picture of how they look... at you, at something, a look that's them.

I caught mine right away this morning. This is one of my favorite looks for Penny. She reserves it for her big brother. She just adores him. The joy on her face for him does not compare to anything else. It melts my heart every time. She eagerly waits for him to notice her.

We got a lot of snow last night. I don't know how much and it's hard to tell because of all the blowing and drifting. They've plowed our alley but not our street. There must be some reason I guess. I'm not going anywhere unless I can help it, besides when I went to check out the back, I found this

There used to be three steps there, well I assume they are still there, but I'm certainly not looking for them.

Our eager neighbors across the street have already dug out their drive... too bad the city hasn't done the street yet.
I'm torn because I don't want to dig out to go pick Adam up at the airport, but I also want him home. But mostly because I'm selfish and I want to nap and take a break from being a Mommy for like 10 minutes (or maybe 10 hours). We'll see what the airports are up to this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Great winter pictures!! Just a little challenging to navigate!! Gives a whole new meaning to winter wonderland!!Grammy