Monday, February 28, 2011

January and February Yarn Finished Projects

Since I'm not likely to finish any of the four projects I have going tonight, I'll go ahead and post the ones I did finish in January and February.

It wasn't really a "quantity" kind of two months, but I'd say more of a "quality" time. I fnished a few things that were requested by family and friends (my favorite things to do because I know they are appreciated) and I the one that took up most of my time was a test knit using Malabrigo yarn which I had never used, and now once I've used it, it's hard to use something else. It's so smooshy and wonderful and soft and lovely.

edited: I must have felt like I should have done more... my mitts are in there twice. They are pretty awesome mitts though...
also you can always find all my details for projects on my ravelry page - friend me, i'm carakipp there.

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Amber said...

Love that hat 3 over and 3 down. Cute! When is that Etsy shop opening so I can get one? :)