Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the joy of LOVE - Day 1 - what they do

I've decided to do a little project for February. It's called the joy of LOVE and it's a little online photo class/tutorial. It's just for fun and I'm hoping to learn a little something new.

I know I won't post everyday, but I'm excited to see what comes out of this.

Today's topic is what they do and I chose to catch Max doin' what he does. Here's my pick of the day.
Eating Supper- A Favorite of Ours
 PS- Do you see the white on our windows in the background? We've gotten a foot of snow today and are looking at up to eight more inches tonight. I so am over snow.
PPS- You can sign up for the joy of LOVE too if you wish- click here

1 comment:

Amber said...

I signed up for this, not let's see if I actually get a pic or two. Yours is super cute!