Friday, June 22, 2007

So many comments (not on the blog though...)

So Adam and I had "the talk" last night. Probably not the talk you are thinking of though. This "the talk" happens at hilarious times in our relationship. Here's (generally, not exactly) how it goes.
Cara: You really should shave that thing off
Adam: Nope
Cara: It's pretty mangy
Adam: Nope
Cara: (last nights try) Then go back to the goatee
Adam: But then I have to shave, nope.
This talk can be triggered by a lot of things. Sometimes it's when people find out that I don't have memories of Adam without facial hair (he's had it since he was 15 and we started dating when we were 17) or in this case when he's talked to family and friends who read the anniversary blog and saw that picture (I swear it was trimmed like the day after we took that picture, back to being short). But we've been having the same conversation for years (literally years) and to tell you the truth I've given up, I'm throwing in the towel. He can have his facial hair I've resigned.

At least until tomorrow.


blackpurl said...

...two years of dating and 25 years of marriage and my hubby has always had facial hair too!

Bebemiqui said...

I figure I'll give up until he goes bald...then I want the beard bad down to a soupatch!
Besides the man looks (seriously) like a terrorist. People at church tell him that he looks Arab all the time.