Monday, June 11, 2007

You Can't Take it With You

This was a great film. I absolutely loved the "kooky" family that Alice belonged to and the cyclical relationships between the characters. And who doesn't love a good courtroom scene a la Miracle on 34th Street. I would definitely recommend it.

I missed the beginning of this one, and spent the rest of the movie going "wait, who's that?" and "what's going on?" to Adam. He just kept "shhhhh"ing me and then asking me what I thought character's names were. We did highly enjoy some of the characters names and with the help of were able to match most of them up. There was Gruffydd (pronounced Griffid), Angharad, Bronwyn, Gwilym, and Huw (pronounced Hugh). But what I found most entertaining was the making of the movie extra feature which included interesting facts. Here are a few:

The moive was supposed to be a four hour Technicolor epic (think Gone With the Wind)
It was supposed to be filmed on location in Wales (the setting of the film)
Because of WWII, the movie could not be filmed in Wales because of the threat of attack, so it was instead filmed in the California desert. This desert is brown and not the lush green of Wales (hence How Green Was My Valley) and so instead it had to be filmed in black and white in order to appear green.

We are getting to the point of the beginning "ugh, another movie" watching. It's still fun to see all these famous movies I've never seen, but I'm also starting to say, "go ahead and watch that one without me." How can something so fun suddenly become taxing?

Next on the list?

Yeah, I've seen it, but as Adam likes to point out, I actually fell asleep for the last 15 minutes, and therefore, haven't really seen it.

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