Monday, June 25, 2007

More Crafts

Thought I would update some more on my works in progress. Yes they are all crochet. Yes, I seriously have a problem.

This is going to be made an afghan. I've got one of the repeats of the pattern finished. now I just need about 8 more.

This scarf is made out of merino wool. I just finished it this weekend (started it this weekend too). It still needs to be blocked though, but I think there's still time before it gets cold....

I have 90 of these in various stages laying around my house. I've corralled most of them to a plastic bag, but these are the colors I'm using in my guest bed/craft room. I love the green, blue, and brown all mixed together. I'll post more of my plans for that room soon, but essentially these will be joined together to make a bedspread. Hopefully I'll finish it, someday. 90 of them, really? Yes really.

Well I should actually be climbing into bed, but wanted to post these before I forgot to.

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Laura said...

Wow, how do you have time for so many crafts? You must be a very fast crafter...pretty stuff too!