Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter Birthday!

I received this delicious smelling and tasting bouquet from Mike, Kristi, Danny, and Jessica on Friday with lots of love and warm wishes. Thanks guys! I miss y'all so much!

My Harry Potter Birthday Party was on Friday. It was truly an amazing event. Not because of the Magic that surrounded the event, but because I was truly blown away by my wonderful friends. Gosh I just love you guys! I was completely overwhelmed by the wonderful faces, gifts, and excitement.

The Decorations
Adam made my signs for me while I was out of town. I just had to add the handwriting (have you ever seen my husbands handwriting?) Not shown: An outline of Hogwarts Castle, a sorting hat cut out, and a Hogsmeade sign.
The Sweet Shoppe in Hogsmeade

The Bar which is known in the books for serving Butterbeer

This is the sketchy bar in Hogsmeade

The Cake
This is the proof of "Happy Magical Cara." It was a magically delicious cake and I got to wow everyone with my abillity to cut cake with dental floss. (This picture was taken before Harry fell face forward into the cake messing up the "M" in Magical.)

This is how good the cake was.

The Party People
Here are some other pictures from the party. I hope everyone had fun.
Amber, Me, and Darby

Me and Tina, who's sporting the HP glasses

Samantha and Caleb

Me and Darci (my birthday surprise!)
Workin' Girls!

Toby showing off his skillz

Courtney's caption was best: A Cara Sandwich

Me and Steph

The Greek Boys

Me and Aymee who lied to me about the making of this blanket but I forgive her anyway.

The After-Party
I always wanted to be cool enough to have an after-party. A group of us headed to Barnes and Noble's to await the passing out of HP7 (No I haven't finished it yet, but there have been a few close calls on people RUINING it for me).
Us waiting in the Literature Aisle (that way we seemed smarter than the other PotterHeads).
Adam with his twin Hagrid
It took me a lot of harrassing to get Kerry to stand by Hagrid for a picture.
"I love Harry Potter! Heeeeeheeeee!"
Laura really enjoys getting her picture taken.
Barnes and Noble's was plenty busy that night
"Look! Here it is! I can't believe it! Adam, take my picture!"

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Bebemiqui said...

I'm reading a friend's copy as soon as her husband is done with it! How fun for you to have an "after party". :0)