Friday, July 20, 2007

Horray for Birthdays...

If you know me.... you know I do not wait to open anything. Many times I have been in trouble for opening my husband's mail and even the one time when it took heavy duty tools to open his Christmas present from my brother, promising to rewrap them as good as new.
So of course when I got a package from my fabulous parents in law addressed to Cara Kipp "Birthday Girl" I had to open it right away.... Just for the record, it made it all the way up the elevator and into the apartment before it was opened (I had groceries in my hands).
Inside were so many wonderful things, including vintage buttons Dad had found and a Harry Potter bookmark to go with my themed birthday (Mom loves themes, and so do I)! Also included were some really sweet vintage hankies or napkins (I haven't investigated this fully yet) and this:

I was so excited about it, I instantly started quickly flipping through it, showing everything to Adam along the way. I'm feeling so many projects coming on, I feel a little feverish at the thought of them all. So many sweet things, so little time.

I didn't get enough time to peruse it all because I was baking up a fury last night in final preparation for the Harry Potter party this evening. Adam surprised me with the cake for tonight (I knew I was having a cake but he wouldn't reveal what was written on the cake). He was so proud of himself. My birthday cake reads "Happy Magical Cara" (you will think this is funny if you are Nick or Kara, otherwise, no, it does not make any sense).
Here's the menu for tonight:
Magic Wands
Magic Punch
Pumpkin Pasties
Magical Cake
Hagrid's Rock Cookies
(That's the end of the Harry Potter reference, come on what do you want from me?!?)
A good bar type thing I altered from another recipe
chips and dip

Yes I realize it's all sugar, that's why I added the chips and the fruit. Yes I realize that doesn't even make any sense, it's my party and I'll do what I want.

Can't wait for my party tonight. I'm sure there will be an obscene amount of pictures to post but they probably won't be up until atleast Tuesday because I will have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows stuck to my nose until then.

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