Thursday, July 26, 2007

There is nothing more satisfying

than finishing a book. Except for the feeling of finishing a series of books. I've had that feeling twice in one week, as I finished re-reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series last week and of course finished the last installment of the Harry Potter series on Tuesday (ok, early Wednesday morning, once they broke out of Gringotts I couldn't put it down and was up until 2am reading). I didn't cry at the end of HP7 like I envisioned I would (happy or sad tears) but I will admit a tear escaped this morning as I was watching Meredith interview JK Rowling on the Today show. I'm all for a Harry Potter Encyclopedia and the interview answered more questions that had been plaguing me for 24hours.

But really I just love the feeling that I get when I finish a book. That sense of accomplishment and knowledge. Knowing the end of a story has completed, and feeling a part of someone else's life, no matter how fictional.

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Bebemiqui said...

I'm Jonesing to borrow my friend's copy...very few times does my book addiction turn to an obsessive Jonesing, BUT in this case I am thinking about reading Potter probably as often as guys think about sex. :0)