Monday, July 2, 2007

Well it's July....

That's something I heard someone say at work today and for some reason it struck fear and joy in my heart.

One, random comments annoy me sometimes. Yup, dude, it's July. That's kind of like saying, "Hey, it's Monday." Thanks.

Two, joy really is the base feeling in this even though it may be masked by my Monday grumpiness. July means that it is the once a year extravaganza that I like to call Cara's Birthday Month!!!! for CBM'07 this year we have planned many events that will of course trickle over until August successfully ending in Jessica's visit in the middle of August. CBM'07 starts this week with the 4th of July (it's natural starting point) and Ben's wonderful visit as well. We are planning a weekend full of fun involving a Ranger's game and the Rodeo. Yee-Haw! Then after that I get to fly to Ohio for a really quick trip to Kara's bridal shower and it will be the last time I see her before she becomes my sister. I never thought I would have a sister that is taking my name completely away from me. :) Now if only she could spell it right. Then the weekend after that is my Harry Potter Birthday Party that I've been planning for weeks, months even. After that it's a two day trip to Schlitterbaun and San Marcos. Schlitterbaun is the ultimate water park and years before we even thought about moving to Texas Adam made me promise to go there someday. Seeing as he's been waiting so long we've planned a trip with our friends Matt and Rebecca that includes shopping in San Marcos for the girls and Schlitterbaun for the boys. Then, I have my dear Darby-Friend's baby shower for the wonderful Babe Koog. Then as I mentioned it before is my ultimate birthday present, A visit from my Jessica. She'll be here for a fun filled week, where I'm sure we'll get into too much trouble.

Third, the feeling of fear comes while I'm trying to catch my breath wondering when I'm going to sleep during all this fun and excitement that will be coming my way in the next month. Maybe they'll let me sleep at my desk during work.

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Rita said...

Mom told me about your and Laura's blogs so I've seen checking out the family! Love your site with the pictures and have discovered you like crafting. I'll have to take a picture of the bag I've been crocheting and post it. A favorite memory of Adam -- the mound on mashed potatoes on his plate at Ryan's wedding. Congratulations on your anniversary -- I also remember the "a, e, i, o, u" vows you all exchanged! Happy Birthday Month, too!