Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our Friend Ben

is in town. So it'll be lots of hanging out and me avoiding doing boy things while showing Ben around town. Adam's in his element though. It's amazing how dignified he's become since leaving college and how quickly he can throw it all away. :) Should have lots of fun pictures though.

Other funness:
Adam's received a warm invitation to speak at this winters bible conference at our home church in Ohio. He is so excited about the opportunity. He's also excited that his topic will include culture and film. It's such an honor going back there and serving time after time. He (really we) are looking forward to it.
Things continue to change and morph in our lives as we have had a few people ask us lately if we are putting together a ministry resume. All of a sudden things seem like they are rapidly coming to a close. We need to get crackin' on that resume.
Our small group has been changing the face of itself. I really like the change. Not that I didn't like our old small group, but I really feel like relationships are being forged, true and deep. There's nothing like living life with a group of people you feel comfortable around.

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Kate said...

Wow, seems like a lot of fun things are coming your way with people and things to do. Thanks for your onsie compliment...I do use backing. I ordered it from (which you must peruse if you're into embroidery), and am hoarding it away because I love how well it works. Have a great weekend!
PS What how-to book for crochet would you recommend for someone who would like to get her feet wet?