Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Crafty Update

I started a few new projects this weekend and didn't finish any of them. But in reality they are bigger projects, so I didn't expect to really.

Button Cards
Earlier last week I went on a card making binge brought on by How About Orange's cute button cards. They so reminded me of spring that I just had to make a few to fight the cold that had settled over North Texas. Luckily my fighting worked (or seemed to anyway) because this past weekend was 70s and 80s including today, but my fight was only temporary since the temperature is dropping into the 30s tonight with a high in the 50s and 60s the rest of the week.

CAL does not stand for California in my book
I also joined my first Crochet A Long. It's a group you join to encourage each other through a given project (mostly grouped by pattern). I joined the Vintage Vertical Stripe CAL (or VVSCAL) on Ravelry to help push me through working on this blanket for my own little one. Luckily, a bout of insomnia last week got me rockin and rollin on this blanket. I love that it is a random pattern with lots of colors and allows flexibility for whatever I want.

Monkeys in a Barrel and Rocketships
I also wanted to start embroidering little onsies for Mr. Mister and decided to do a couple following the theme of space along with some other fun ones. I finished two out of 8 already. The last one is sure to be Adam's favorite once it is finished.

Girly Diaper/Hand Bag
Not Pictured is the Diaper Bag that I started this weekend as I was going through some sewing basics with Lizzie who's wanted to learn how to sew. She had some great ideas and helped me change up my design in an unexpected way with the fabrics. I've got it all cut, but haven't started any of the sewing yet. The pattern I'm using is an altered Pleated Handbag from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing that I got for my birthday last summer. I've had trouble finding a "girly" bag that would be fun for me to carry but something that's not too girly. All the one's we've found I don't like or is something that Adam and I would both carry (= not girly).

Beautiful things to look at
I've also been enjoying these little surprises that were left at our house by a wonderful husband to remind me of his love while he was out of town.


Laura said...

I can verify the button cards are very cute when you get one in the mail! I 'heart' the little onsies! I like the blankie a lot too, the colors really work and look warm and cozy.

Mark said...

You are talented and were busy. I think the robot reminds me of Adam and will be his favorite. He did do well this weekend and I got more compliments Sunday on his presentation. You would have been proud.