Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thoughts on being seven months pregnant

This week I am 28 weeks pregnant. A fun/terrifying adventure so far. But I hear it's all downhill from here until the baby's born.
There are certain things that are interesting about being seven months pregnant.

Some where I lost the ability to see my feet. And then also reach them. I realized the other day that this is a hindrance for two major reasons. One, I can't paint my toenails, and two, I can't tie my tennis shoes very easily. This was all in the matter of two minutes as I was deciding which shoes to wear to work. I couldn't wear sandals because my toes weren't painted and tennis shoes were difficult because I couldn't reach them to tie them. Closed toed slip on flats from here on out people. At least until I can convince Adam to paint my toenails. :)

Nobody really warns you about the ability to pop every joint out of socket while you are pregnant, especially your hips and legs. My bones have always popped and cracked when getting out of bed in the morning, but now I'm a regular percussion section all on my own getting in and out of bed, out of my chair, out of the car, etc. Apparently this crippling pain I feel in my leg where it meets my hip has a name and everything, "round ligament pain" is now my companion. And it has a cure too, actually two of them. One- Have the baby. Two- Don't do any activity that aggravates it. Mine's caused by moving, so I'll apparently not be doing any activity for the next three months.

Nesting is not only at the very last stage of pregnancy before labor. Adam had to stop me from vacuuming between the ceiling tiles in our bathroom this afternoon. What?!?! Who does that? Apparently this crazy pregnant lady.

There is a reason why pregnant women in their 7th month are not physically able to have 5 month old children. It's impossible to hold or care for them for longer than 10 minutes standing up. We watched Kate this weekend and while I watched her perfectly easily two or three weeks ago without any issue at all, I discovered this time around that my body was not physically able to stand and hold her, sway and bounce in an adequate fashion for more than 3 seconds. Thanks nature, you sure know what you are doing.

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