Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Comment of the day

While I am in the bathroom earlier today at work (in the STALL mind you) I had the pleasure of having this conversation.
Random woman: So you only have what, 7 weeks left?
Me: (ugh I hate talking while I'm trying to use the restroom) No, I actually have 14 weeks.
Random woman: Oh my goodness, you are going to be huge!
Me: Yup (Thanks Lady)

Here's the latest Skeletor picture of our child. More and more he's beginning to remind me of Skeletor from He-Man.

This Adam-free weekend was great for me (though I did admittedly really miss him by the end of the weekend). But since he brought me home Mike-Sell's bar-b-que potato chips and Cheryl's Cookies and Donato's Pizza and venison jerkey made by Dad I was able to eat my way out of the sadness. Whew it was was some good eating last night for me before I went to bed.

I spent the weekend crafting and resting and watching Pride and Prejudice and lots of Friends on DVD and hanging out with real friends and babysitting. Yup, I was not in want for anything to do.
I promise to have another blog update with pictures showing off my projects that were all begun this weekend, but none were completed.

Adam's weekend went well. His presentations went well (so said many of the people who attended) and he had the chance to see many wonderful friends that we miss so much. Thanks to those of you who sent back hugs and belly pats. I so wish I could have come back to visit you all as well.
He also got to practice holding little ones, as he got to visit and hang out at the Music's house with baby Ali and her family.


Laura said...

Love the bathroom conversations....well, I was always told, "Oh, you're not big enough to be that far along, something must be wrong." So average woman like to practice being a doctor and diagnosing you and your pregnancy! I think your belly looks just right :)
And baby Mister does look like Skelator, that cracked me up! I'm sure when not an ultrasound he really looks more like He-man.

missy said...

i alway got the same questions over and over again, but the one that irritated me the most was... "are you SURE it's only one?" it's was always right after they asked me if i was having twins. turns out, my son was 10 pounds 7.5 ozs....