Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Oscars

Tonight The Oscars are on. This time last year, I could have really cared less about them, as we haven't gotten out much to the movies in the past four years (lack of disposable income will do that to you). But over the past year while Adam has written his thesis on all the Academy Best Picture Winners, we have learned a lot about the Academy and film in general. Oh yeah, and we've watched over 80 films in the past year.

Yesterday Adam and I spent 12 hours at the AMC theater with good friends Joanna and Gilbe watching all the nominees for the Best Picture this year. We had a great time seeing all the films and hanging out and critiquing them a bit afterwards. Adam totally got a kick out of seeing all of them and I liked eating popcorn all day. Also, I think I might hurl if I ever smell popcorn again.

Just for those of you who might care, here's my run down of the nominees and what I think (without ruining the movies for you in case you want to see them):

Michael Clayton
I really enjoyed this movie more than I anticipated. Plus it has George Clooney in it so how can you lose. This movie was different from the other four and was a great lawyer suspense kind of movie that wasn't scary, but totally enjoyable. Did I mention George Clooney?

There Will Be Blood
There was some senseless killing and parts where I had to turn away my eyes but in general I think (?) I liked this movie. About an oil man at the turn of the century and him building his oil business. Daniel Day-Lewis deserves best actor for this one.

I knew I would like this move and I did. I like Kiera Knightley in general but I enjoy a period piece very much. The bit at the end that seems to be current times with Briony looking back kinda ruined it for me though.

I still loved this movie even the second time around. In fact, I think I liked it more and still found it really funny and sweet and all of those things. Plus I just love the soundtrack so much. Ellen Page for best actress. She does such a great job adding an edge to teenage problems without being bitter or whiney.

No Country for Old Men
I did not like this movie at all, at first. I do not typically like the "grainy" and detached kind of movies, but I see why it is up for best picture. Tommy Lee Jones is decent in it though. I did enjoy it better after Adam did an online search about it and explained some of the ideas behind it. Like that it is allegorical for death and fate and life. Ok, at least there was a point in all the killing. And I wanted Woody Harrelson to be more funny in it.

My Pick for Best Picture: I would love to see Juno win because it was different and quirky. I think Atonement could win because the Academy loves period pieces (especially WWII ones), but I'm afraid that with the recent trends of detached movies that have won the past few years (Crash, Departed, Million Dollar Baby) that No Country for Old Men might have it tonight.

We'll see. We're having a bunch of friends over to watch the festivities and eat lots of junk. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay up that late to see who wins.

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