Monday, February 11, 2008

Busy Weekend

Friday Night was only the beginning to my busy busy weekend.

Saturday I met my friend, Jen, for an early breakfast at the Cliff Cafe. It was super Retro Swank and I loved every minute of it. I will be going back and soon. I was sold when I asked for hot tea and the server brought out a wooden box full of Harney & Sons, my ALL TIME FAVORITE tea. Then I found out they make their own granola.

Then I went to a bridal shower for one of Adam's coworkers and had some more lovely tea and Sprinkles Cupcakes. You may remember our Sprinkles Cupcake adventure from Adam's birthday. So needless to say I was told that I would not be welcomed back into my own home unless I brought a cupcake home with me for Adam.

Then I spent some harrowing hours with Stephanie searching for just the right things to make her Baby Shower invitations for her shower in New York. But gosh darnit we found it and they are the cutest things in the world (I'll post a pic later as we are finishing them tonight).

Lastly, I capped off the evening at a Sara Groves concert with my lovely boss, Tina and had a wonderful time trying to figure out what Charlie Peacock means in his songs (I love metaphors, but some of his are beyond me). This is the second time I've seen Sara in the past three months and I love her more each time. I also love attending concerts like this because we were 5 rows back from the stage and could see every facial expression. It was a great time. I even went ahead and bought on of her CDs, which I wouldn't normally do. But when I read the title "Station Wagon: Songs for Parents" I knew that I needed it.

Sunday we had our usual, plus some- Church, Lunch at Snowpea (my favorite Chinese restaurant, where Adam got to witness me explain to yet another person that really it is just one baby and that my due date is still three months away), more work with Steph on the invites, small group where a couple mean rounds of Super Mario Bros. 3 where played on the Wii, and the grocery store.

This morning I wondered why I felt like I hadn't really had a weekend. Hmmmm any thoughts on that?

I frequent a leadership blog for Christian Women in an attempt to add some "spiritualness" to my mostly mundane day. I admit though, sometime I find myself too busy to read it or just skimming it to see if the topic really interests me. Today, however, I found myself reading it and then was so glad I did.

Most people would never suspect that one of the biggest anxieties I have is fitting in. In most situations I consciously or subconsiously think that I am the strangest one in the room. You know something along the lines of Sesame Street's "One of These Things is Not Like the Other" song they used to sing on the show.

The article (found on this link) addresses that almost everyone feels like they don't fit in at church and raises the question of there possibly being a larger spiritual issue here. I might just agree with that.

What really struck me was the last lines of the article, which I will close with-
"But I do remember a wise person once telling me, 'If you assume that everyone you see at church is feeling lonely at some level, you’ll be right nine times out of ten.'”


Laura said...

You're going to need a couple naps this week to rest up after all that!

Anonymous said...


I'm available for lyric interpretations at your request. I don't want you going into this new and wonderful chapter of motherhood haunted by my idiosyncratic lyrics. You can reach me at charliepeacock (at) Thanks for coming out and supporting such a good cause and event the other night in Dallas.

Peace to you,

Charlie Peacock