Friday, February 8, 2008

Surprise Date Night!

Today Adam told me that we would be going on a surprise date. Here's the thing. I hate surprises and not knowing and all that jazz. I like to be informed. But I was super happy about this surprise date thing today. I got to wait around all day anticipating what we would be doing. In fact I was so excited I couldn't even take a nap today.
Adam had scored some free tickets to Studio Movie Grill and took me to see Juno. Studio Movie Grill is a pretty neat place where they have set up the movie theater like a restaurant/bar and have servers and everything bring your dinner and drinks during the movie. We got there a little early so our food came out right as the movie was starting and we enjoyed it throughout. The food was better than we expected as well. We had wanted to see Juno for a long time (we even had sneak preview tickets but it was back in the "oh my goodness I'm so exhausted because I'm trying to grow a lung and a liver" part of my pregnancy where I couldn't get off the couch or even be bothered with watching tv). But I had really wanted to see it since it was nominated for and Oscar for best picture. You know after all that best picture screening I thought it would be nice to see one before it won (and we DO hope it wins).
I was thoroughly entertained with the entire movie. It took something that was sad (teenage pregnancy gets me every time, having taught high school and watching many of my students go through the experience) and turning it into something that is real and still heartwarming. We really liked it. I might not have liked it so much had I not been pregnant. But the humor was still there, however, I was the only person laughing at some points which makes me believe it was the pregnancy humor at those points.
Now Adam is talking about how girls names can be cute (like in the movie Juno gets called June-Bug and her little sister's name is Liberty Bell - which thoroughly amuses both of us for some reason) but how boy's names have to be tough. Like Killer and things like that. Ok maybe not quite like that, but you get the gist. Which brings me to say that - No, we still do not have a name for the thing living inside me, but we are still compiling a quite interesting list of names to choose from and will hopefully be narrowing it to two this week (at least that's my goal). And no we still aren't telling. And nope, we don't want your opinions (at least at this point).
I did some crafting today while Adam was having a phone interview with a church (more about that if things come to fruition with it) but I can't post about the crafting until the receiver receives it. But it was Valentine's themed and involved felt, embroidery, and tea. Three of my favorite things. I've also be cracking away at my VVS blanket for Lil Kipp and have added 12 or so rows in the past few days and plan on adding more tonight. I'm feeling the need to finish up some stuff before I get too fat and lazy to do anything.
I'm also thankful for running into old friends. Tonight we by chance ran into friends who I haven't seen in probably 2 1/2 years. Gosh that's forever. And we found out they are expecting a little boy this summer. How much fun is that?

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That restaurant / movie place sounds like so much fun!