Friday, April 25, 2008

37-38 week appt

I'm still hanging around. Nothing much is going on. This little boy seems very happy to just be hanging out in there and is in no hurry to get to the outside world (even though his mommy is really anxious for him to get here).
We all know the longer he stays in, the healthier he's likely to be and that's fine with me as long as he would let me sleep well at night. :-)

I'll be back at the doctor Wednesday before Adam leaves town on Thursday for an extended weekend away. Hopefully, by the time he gets back we'll have a better understanding of what future holds for us. We'll share all that when we know something definite.

I'm still crafting, but it's slowed down a little. Well not really slowed down, but some long unfinished projects are being finished up (including an afghan I started a year ago and never finished) and some gifts are being made, so they need to remain secretive until that time in which it can be revealed what they are. I'll get some picks up as soon as I can.

If you think of it, pray for us. Adam's traveling a week before my due date makes me a tad bit nervous (even though everything is accounted for) and I'm just feeling a little in limbo trying to understand myself in these few weeks before I adjust to my new role as Mommy.

Mom mentioned to me today that this weekend is the last weekend of "just Adam and Cara in Texas." Next weekend Adam will be out of town, then it's Graduation Bonanza weekend with friends and family in town from all over the country, the hopefully by then we'll have a third little person in our family (mostly hopefully because so many people want to meet him while they are here for graduation). So we are celebrating "US" tonight with dinner and a movie. And we saw a movie last weekend. Man it's nice to just get out of the house whenever we want wiithout a lot of drama. I know that's soon coming to a close. :-)

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Kara said...

Funny story you will love; when I was reading this out loud to Nick I read "I am still crafting" and he was like "She's still crapping!?" Ha! Thought that was funny! :)