Saturday, April 19, 2008

Doctor's appointment update

I went to the doctor for my weekly yesterday (while Adam went to Six Flags with some friends) and everything was fine. Still nothing in the way of progress to write home about. But she was able during the sonogram to get a good enough picture to figure out an estimated birth weight of our Mr. Mister.

She measures the stomach area to get a measurement, enters some data onto the sono machine and then gets out a book to check some stuff in. All this to tell me that as best she can guess at this point our little bowling ball weights a good 6lbs 13oz. Are you kidding me? He already weighs almost 7lbs?
So the estimate is that if he makes it to his due date I will be birthing a healthy 9lb baby. Here's something similar to the conversation that I had with the doctor.

Doc: So he will probably be right around 9lbs when he is born then.
Me: What?!?
Doc: Yeah he's pretty chubby
Me: I'm not sure I'm ok with that.
Doc: (looks at me while writing the info in the chart, kinda laughing) Well he could come any day
Me: I'm still not ok with birthing a 9lb baby. Are you sure?
Doc: (still kinda laughing) Well he's really healthy and looks pretty happy in there, who knows when he'll decide to come out.

Ok so- here's my updated plan. I'm on a strict walking and feet up regimine that begins today. I'm going to vigorously clean my house, run some errands, go to another friend's baby shower, and possibly convince Adam to go to the mall to walk around with me today. I've taken to start sleeping on our love seat where I can keep my feet elevated much better and then moving to the bed in the middle of the night so I can actually get some good sleep. This worked well last night, we'll try it again tonight. My swelling is getting pretty bad and is not going away at night, also has started to go to my hands. The amount of water I drink and salt I do not eat doesn't seem to effect it at all and this is the only way I don't kick the pillows off the bed at night that are elevating my feet.

My mom made the best comment of the day yesterday while I was relaying the information about her Giant Grandchild.
"Well at least when you give birth, you'll instantly lose 10 lbs easily."
Thanks mom, you sure do know how to make your daughter feel better about herself.


Laura said...

Mr. Mister is already bigger than Ella when she was born! But remember, the doctors can only guess the weight for now, they could be off by a lb or more...

Kara said...

Ha, that sure does sound like your mom!

Mark said...

So according to Laura Mister Mister could weight 10 lbs instead of only 9. I'm glad to hear that your pregnacy doesn't prevent Adam from having a good time.