Monday, April 14, 2008

Back from Outer Space

Baby Stuff
Well I'm back to blogging and updating on every gruesome part of this parasite that's taken over my body. He'd just better be a cute parasite when he comes out.

I've turned the corner in the past week or so from delightfully pregnant to miserably pregnant. In fact I know exactly when it happened.... Sitting in the Orlando airport while our flight was delayed. It was there that I decided that being pregnant was no longer fun and I was ready for the baby to be here already. Since then it has been downhill. I'm tired and achy and just about miserable. The helpful comments from coworkers "You're still here?" are becoming less and less helpful. And all this to day I have three more weeks left.

In other baby news, I really do have 25 days left until the day by which my child is destined to be born or (horror!) will be born after. I don't know that I will make it that long (please don't make me keep going that long), but it's exciting to know that this is all coming to a close.

Baby Steps
In other besides baby news, Adam and I have seriously begun to pursue future ministry and are beginning to already pour our hearts into where we will be serving in the near future. We are planning on moving from Dallas on June 27th to our new location. This new location is still a little unsure and will be revealed at the time where we are sure and in full agreement with the church.

It's just that here and now we are already beginning to pray and plan for our lives a few months from now. Adam will be traveling without me in the next few weeks and we are praying that he will be here for the birth of our little one and not in some "remote" location.

But it is an exciting time, as we plan to possibly buy a house, finally move all of our belongings to one location and learn how to be parents.

My dear friend Kristi mentioned that we are trying to cram all the most important (and highly stressful) things in life into one month and it is kinda true. We will have the baby, Adam will graduate, we will move across the country, start new jobs (including me as a Mommy!), and buy our first home. Please pray for our stress levels as we go through the process of each of these. Thanks Kristi, listing all of them out is likely to make me start hyperventilating.

Fun Stuff
Just because I have a schedule full of terrifying things in my future doesn't mean I'm not having fun in the mean time. Here are some of my favorite things that have happened while I have been on blogging hiatus.

We spent some time with Ella (and Ryan and Laura) while in Florida.

The baby went on his first visit to the beach.

I love this picture of my husband.

The smell of freshly laundered baby clothes.

Especially this little robot I embroidered for our son.

I helped throw a fun bridal shower for a fun friend, Joanna.


Mark said...

So what are your choices for baby names? Might as well take care of that pressue ahead of time.

Darby said...

Mark could've stuffed the box w/ baby names @ your shower had he stayed a few more days!! Anyway, that's not what I wanted to leave a comment about, so back to business, here it is: I LOVE the pic of Adam, I had to show it to Bill--he loves it too. I like his reflection in the watery sand. I also LOVE your (polka-dotted) hump (your hump, your hump, your hump...). Nice pics Kipps! What a nice looking family!!!

Laura said...

Oh Cara, you've reached the stage of actually looking forward to labor - see how clever God is? Love the pics too!