Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not too much

I feel like a blog slacker this week, but it's been fairly lowkey after the whirlwind few weeks we've had.

We are praying for the following things:

-My doctors appointment today
I'm hoping to find out that the baby hasn't dropped too much for me to travel and that we are both healthy and well.

-Traveling this weekend
It's my last weekend to travel and we will be taking full advantage of it going all over the great state of Florida.

-The Kipps in Florida
Ryan, Laura, and Baby Ella have colds and we are so hoping to spend some time with them while in Florida. We are praying that they are healed by tomorrow afternoon so we don't chance me getting sick this late in the game.

-God's direction
Adam and I have some tough decisions to make later this month on where we will be serving after seminary.

-Jessica and Andi
Two of my dearest friends have been having undiagnosed and inconclusive health problems. Jessica is undergoing pretty major surgery the beginning of next week in hopes of finding out what the problem is. Andi is meeting with a couple different specialists regarding previous health problems and a potential heart problem. It rips me apart that I'm not in Ohio to be with both of them.

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