Thursday, April 17, 2008

I keep having contractions that are getting stronger, but not consistent enough to be too exciting, just enough to be uncomfortable.

I left work early to walk yesterday and found myself at two Targets (the first one didn't have what I needed) and a local yarn shop I've been trying to get to for a year or so and never have.

The store is called Shabby Sheep and is an older house in the West End that is being used as this yarn shop, they have knitting classes and even make their own yarn. Now let me tell you, I am by no means a yarn snob. I have never bought any yarn that was hand dyed, or hand spun, or anything of the sort. I don't even mind acrylic yarn (horror!) when I make things. I'll even use yarn given to me and had a brief moment this past week throwing garbage in a dumpster and saw yarn that someone had carelessly thrown away and thought about going in after it. (But then the headline flashed across mind "Woman has baby in dumpster while trying to retrieve yarn.")

While at the Shabby Sheep (the people there were so nice!) I chatted a while and touched every single yarn they had (well it felt like it anyway). Names of yarn that I've never seen in person were there and I decided I wanted an extravagant cotton to make something for the baby. Nothing practical- completely extravagant. I found some Blue Sky that was just perfect and almost went for the organic collection in a couple shades of tan and brown, but then decided on celery and sky blue in their dyed cotton. I love how it feels and keep touching it and moving it from room to room with me so I can look at it and touch it. I didn't even want the girl at the store to wind it for me because I just want to admire it for a while before I actually do something with it.

When I got home, I felt a little guilty about my purchase (I'd been on a yarn buying ban due to the two big boxes of yarn I currently have in the craft/spare/baby room), so I made it up to myself by finishing some projects that I had long ago began but didn't ever get around to finishing (all sewing things)

Remember this bag? Well it's finally finished. It's the diaper bag I mentioned months ago and didn't ever get around to the final steps of. If I would have known it would only take 40 minutes to finish, I would have done it a long time ago, as now it is my work bag (I carry projects and books in) until it has to convert to its original use.

While I had the sewing machine out, I finished up some flannel projects I had wanted to get done before Mr. Mister got here.
Below is quite a large blanket- light blue on one side and striped on the other and some burp cloths- polka dots.

I also made dessert last night puff pastry and baked apples with caramel pecan topping. Delish! Adam felt the need to add vanilla ice cream to his, but mine was perfect just the way it was.


Laura said...

Thank you for not jumping in the dumpster to get the yarn...although the title of the headline is funny and would have made a good story to tell the baby someday, it was a better idea to wait until you got home and told Adam about the yarn, and then make him go jump in and get it. Wait, you didn't do that. Even better idea to buy fancy yarn to replace the dumpster yarn you could have gotten if you were able to. Very clever. And getting said fancy yarn then inspired you to make other things including yummy dessert. Maybe I need to go peek in a dumpster and see what I can come up with?

Sanjay said...

He guy is very handsome this is my first comments wish he all the best.