Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chairs, Slings, Visits, Max in two containers

Adam's parents were here this weekend and we had a great time. Both Grammy and I forgot the camera all weekend. But we had lots of fun going around town and spending Sunday at church.

In the shops on the square we found an old fashioned high chair (we are unsure whether it's an antique or not) for us to use with Max. I just have to fashion a belt for him to use it. I may even paint it black so it matches our dining room chairs. We'll see.

This weekend my mom will be in town with a couple of my little cousins. Should be fun!

I've also been a little crafty this week. Two little girls at church have both shown interest in the sling I carry Max in every Sunday at church. One little girl (a first grader) made her mom tie a towel around her so she could carry her baby doll around like Max. And the other (almost two year old) put on my sling while I was in the nursery and I showed her how to put a baby doll in it. She didn't like that, and took the doll out and walked straight over to one of the ladies that was rocking Max at the time and kept saying, "Baby Max" over and over wanting him to get in the sling. At least she knew who belonged in it! :) So this week I took some of the large amounts of fabric that I have and made each girl a little sling of their own. They are really cute, I hope they like them.

I've also been working on little baby girl stuff. :) Since I don't have my own, I've got to make cute stuff for Baby Lucy being born in Texas around Thanksgiving.

This past week we've had to move Max to mostly formula, he's been gaining weight alot since he's started. It was a tough decision but he really made it for us. He refuses to nurse except at night and in the morning. He's been also getting juice once a day and absolutely loves it! We go to the doctor next week for his checkup (and to meet his new doctor) and we'll be asking about starting rice cereal. He's getting so big!

He's a mover and a shaker now. He kicks himself around in a circle and rolls over everytime he's put on his tummy, even though he enjoys being on his tummy a lot more now. He's also grasping toys intentionally and giggles when we talk to him now.

Playing with the monkey

Hanging out with Daddy

Just like Daddy, playing in the laundry basket

For those of you who loved the mixing bowl. He's too big for it now, but he loves to pretend he's soup.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the many looks Max has to offer!! The clothes basket brings back many memories!!Love you Bunches!!Grammy

Laura said...

The slings for the little girls at church ares so sweet!
Max is handsome soup!

Anonymous said...

Baby Lucy loves anything made by Aunt Cara!! We miss you guys.