Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm so bad at this...

I know it's Friday, but I didn't take pictures of our house and anything I take now that it's late will be poor. So I'll take the pictures tomorrow and post then, but just in case you are checking, there is a new header featuring my model son. He likes to talk to the camera now when I get it out. He hams it up when he sees the orange warning light before the flash.

In other news about me, I'm discovering it's hard being a mom. Gosh I'm just tired, and when Max decided he needs to be up all night (which isn't often, but he is a baby afterall) it's just a drain on me all day and I get frustrated when I don't get things done that I think I need to.

Today when Adam got home from work and done spending an hour and a half on the phone with Verizon, just to find out that they can't fix our voicemail and we need to take our phones to the store, I gave him Max and put in my headphones to my MP3 player and actually enjoyed 25 minutes of doing the dishes (as we are without a dishwasher) and not being able to hear him cry or scream or anything. Just me and my music and some soap. Sadly, that was the best 25minutes I had all day.

It's also hard, because I've got all these great creative ideas and projects I would like to complete and no time to complete them, Max's good naps are spent catching up on laundry (which is never cought up on) and trying to pick up toys and blankets and binkys strewn about. Maybe I just need to start a sketchbook because I'm never going to remember these by the time he's od enough to not need constant care.

I love motherhood, sometimes I just wish it was only a 12 hour a day job instead of 24. But then as every mother says, when he smiles at me or is sleeping contentedly in my arms, it's all worth it. I just hope tonight he sleeps contentedly, in his crib, until say, 5-6 am.

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