Saturday, August 2, 2008

Movie and Book Reviews

I've been getting back into the swing of life. It sure is hard when you have a baby to get back to the things that make you, "you". I've always loved reading, crafting, and watching movies but all those things have gone by the wayside. I'm slowly learning that I feel more human (and less like a feeding, burping zombie) when I do things that I enjoy while Max is asleep or otherwise occupied (like eating, I spend hours during the day feeding him).

These past two weeks I've gotten the hang of feeding while holding a book, before I was only previously adept at magazine flipping, but now I have mastered the art of novel holding and even flipping pages without breaking a stride (come on people, this is what my life is like now).

I also don't know if I mentioned it, but Max (ahem, Adam) got me Netflix for my birthday. We've been missing great movies for, oh, five years now and so we have a lot of catching up to do. I've also worked a system to where I can watch 2-3 movies a week if I'm good about watching and returning them. It's been really nice, I just have to keep Adam from rearranging my que all the time.

I've also discovered the joy of the library here in Washington. In Dallas the library was really far away and was downtown where there wasn't any good parking and you had to pay for parking as well. It was in general a bummer, but here in Small Town, USA we have a wonderful library. I've been randomly picking up novels to read (mine are still packed in poorly labeled boxes) and I have been enjoying our church library as well (which is surprisingly well stocked with fiction). I've also restarted reading a couple novels at a time (I used to do this alot, a talent that proved very valuable in college when I was taking multiple English classes at once). I don't know why I like to do this, but it seems to make both books more interesting to me and I tend to read them both more actively.

Let's just say, I look forward to nap time every afternoon where Max has been consistently sleeping for 1.5-3 hours. That's also when I do the dishes.

So I'm taking recommendations for good movies and good books. Any Suggestions?

Here's what I've seen and read recently....

Recently Read

The Storekeeper's Daughter (first in the series of The Daughters of Lancaster County)
Wanda Brunstetter

Really good. I love learning about the Amish.

The Yada Yada Prayer Group
Neta Jackson

Also pretty good, made me think about how much I expect God to do for all the wrong reasons.

First Impressions
Debra White Smith

Cute book, and you know I'm a sucker for anything regarding Pride and Prejudice.

Currently Reading

The Quilter's Daughter (second in the series)
Wanda Brunstetter

The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way
Linda Bruckheimer

Recently Viewed

Miss Potter

Completely enjoyed! I highly recommend it.


Adam and I both enjoyed this one!

PS I Love You

Eh, I could have done without seeing this one.

Oh yeah, and there's been some crafting going on.... but I'll have to talk about that later.


Laura said...

Ah yes...the only time of day when I can surf the net, watch tv, or read is when nursing or when Ella is napping. You learn to do anything one-handed. Glad you are getting back into your hobbies!

Fool's Gold was a pretty good movie, at least better than I expected...and that's the only movie I've seen in months!

Manda said...

I think if you liked Debra White Smith's book--I think u need to read Reason and Romance. It was my first book that I read by her; it was amazing! I loved it. See if your library has it. It'll be great. :)

Movie wise: i saw the happening and it was good.

Anonymous said...

I am almost finished reading the twilight books which you may have heard of. Pretty good fantasy/love story action. The author is Stephanie Meyer. The fourth and final book came out this weekend, so now is the perfect time to read them because you won't have to anxiously wait for the next book!
love you lots!