Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oops I missed Friday

Yesterday was a busy day, but here I am with the next installment of my new community.

This week's installment is the Farmer's Market I went to this past week. It was in Peoria and there were a string of booths with local farmers bring their freshest.

I ended up with some Transparent Apples, Yellow Plums, and Orange Tomatoes. They've all been delicious. The apples are super tart, much more than Granny Smiths, and the plums were really sweet, and the tomatoes, were well, tomatoes. I just love tomatoes.

I missed out on green beans, I wish I would have got some.

I heard this week of a Farmer's Market in Metamora, I'm going to try for that one next weekend.

Max is just growing and growing. He thinks he's a big kid and won't stand to lay down unless there are toys or people to entertain him. He loves to sit up and stand, so I went ahead and got him a Bumbo seat last week. He loves to sit in it and look around. He's been pushing up and rolling over a lot when placed on his tummy. He giggled on Tuesday for the first time, but hasn't done it since. I've been acting like a crazy fool trying to get him to do it again.

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