Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Community Weekly

Here are some pictures of our current home. No pictures on the walls or anything like that but I've been trying to use what I can as I open boxes, which means that most rooms do not have things that coordinate, but oh well, that's always kinda been my style anyway.

View from across the street at the mailbox

Our Living Room- Complete with Adam talking on the phone with our friend Lenny. Hi Lenny and Steph!

View from the livingroom to the dining room and kitchen

The kitchen

Our bedroom (it's laundry day, that's why there's no sheets on our bed

Max's bedroom (taken quickly while he was taking a nap

The spare bedroom (and craft room)

We call this room "the box room" because it's where we are keeping all of our unopened boxes

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Laura said...

Wow, all of your room look big! It's very cute :) I love your living room furniture. Max's room is great!