Friday, August 1, 2008

My Neighborhood Part 1

I've decided on a new series for the blog, you know, just to keep things interesting. Every Friday I'm going to try and post about my new town and neighborhood. It's an interesting transition for me to move from Columbus (750,000) to Dallas Ft Worth (6.1 million) and now to Washington (13,000).

While Max and I were walking back from having lunch on the square with some friends on Tuesday, we encountered this:

A low flying plane. If I had not been nearly as well read, I would not have known, but this is a crop duster and they are loud! I had heard the sound before, but didn't know what it was. Well now I know. It was fun to watch as it circled the field quite a bit. One person was out getting their mail and gave me a weird look for taking pictures of the crop duster. Sorry! I'm a city slicker I guess, as I thought it was really neat to watch.
PS- yes this is the corn field I have to get by to get into town....
Well Max is up and we are venturing into Peoria (112,000) today to do some shopping and stop by a farmer's market. I'm really excited and hopeful I'll find some good tomatoes.

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Kara said...

I find your story about the crop duster so funny! I guess I never think that people don't see these things all the time like I do! Ha, it's like a whole new world to you... so cute!
PS: We got a wii! :)