Saturday, September 6, 2008


It's been a day of finishing around here.

1. I've finished late birthday presents for a family

We might be the last people on the internet to try this but it's so much fun! Freezer paper stencils. They iron right on to the shirt and then you paint. You just have to remember that it's not going to come out perfectly and that's part of the charm. We also made a shirt for Adam.

2. I finished an early birthday present for a special little girl
Can't very well show a picture can I - At least until she gets it.

3. I relished that I'd finished a long undone project

The blanket is finally stitched and blocked and residing on the guest bed.

4. I am finished being a Texan for good
I became a resident of Illinois today by getting my new driver's license. I'm really glad I did the deadline to register to vote is looming near.

5. Adam finished a burrito the size of his head

Adam heard rumor that there was a LaBamba on Bradley University's campus and he wouldn't stop until he found it. And it was just as good as we remembered it being in college.

6. Max wanted to finish his cereal all by himself

He loves the spoon and is totally entertained while I clean up the rest of the mess he made. He loves eating cereal and gets really excited when he sees it now.

7. I finished washing all of Max's next size up clothes
His pants are just too short for him now and it's been chilly (see number 9) so we've gotten out all of the 3-6 month clothes that were in the series of bins I have them organized into. Man this boy has a lot of clothes.

8. The Buckeyes almost didn't finish OU

I hope they were joking. We couldn't believe the score when we finally tuned in (audibly, online) to listen to the rest of the game in the third quarter.

9. I keep thinking we are almost finished with summer
There were quite a few times today when I had end of summer thoughts.
-When I saw the tree in my neighbors yard and thought we need to pick some of those apples before they all fall off.
-When I was folding all the little tiny jackets for Max to wear.
-When I was day dreaming about being at the beach in October.
-When I turned off the air conditioning and just left it in the off position, but didn't want to open the windows because it was a little chilly.


Rachel said...

your afghan is beautiful! =)

tina said...

That afghan looks VERY VERY familiar!!!!!! I love seeing the final product. Also love the pictures of Max- how can he be that big? I miss you very very bery much.

Laura said...

Your blanket looks great!

I've never heard of freezer paper...

Ahhh, Max is so big!