Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Picture Overload

Pictures are worth lots of words, here's a bunch to keep you entertained....

Max with Auntie Darci

"Hey! No pictures!"

Todd Agnew

Max wanted the youth group candy, he inched himself over to it and chose three pieces he wanted (no, I did not feed my baby candy, I was enticing him to crawl)

Naked Baby

Happy One

Not sure about this food stuff


"Mom! I can't believe you dressed me in this!"

Reading a book

Sneak Peek at some wallpaper we may or may not be removing in the near future. It's so old, it's back in style.

Trying to whistle?

So sleepy, he fell asleep while playing.

Hello? Is this thing on?


Anonymous said...

Priceless!!!Thank you for sharing the adventures of Max!!! Grammy

Darby said...

I can almost hold him through these photos--nice pics, mom! Miss ya'll! Lotsa love.

Dining Review Tampa said...

I love all the Max pictures...he looks different in every one. When I put them all together I get a good feel for the little guy!

Laura said...

whoops, that was me signed into the wrong account