Friday, September 26, 2008

Lots of Updates

Lot's of things on our list of things to be thankful for and wonderful things happening.

Happy Birthday to You!
Today is Baby Kate's first birthday, that means she officially become Miss Kate in my book. :)
I can't believe a year ago today Adam and I drove chicken up the highway to feed Bill and barely made it in time in Dallas traffic to be there when Kate made her wonderful arrival.

We were so happy then to meet you Kate and we are so happy to be a part of your life, even from so far away!

Baby Food
I couldn't even fathom this time last year (being just 6weeks pregnant) what today would be like! I can't believe that tonight Max goes to his first high school football game (it's homecoming week) and today we are going to the parade that winds through town. I also can't believe that Max is trying to sit up on his own (he thinks he can, but he doesn't quite have it all down yet) and eating fun things like cereal and homemade applesauce I made (really just mushy boiled apples, none of the fun stuff like sugar and cinnamon).

I froze them in a mini muffin tin so that I can just pull some out when I need to. This was Max's first time trying apple and he wasn't so sure about them at first, but wanted more by the end.
So for the food count, he's currently eating - rice cereal with pear juice, sweet potatoes, squash (his favorite), and apples. He really loves food and won't stop himself.

My friend Amy sent me this site and it made me realize how easy it is (and much cheaper) to make your own baby food. As long as you can put in a little prep, it's worth it. I tried with the apples I already had on hand and I'm looking forward to putting up some squash since it's in season and I can get it dirt cheap (and Max seems to love it so much).

Max seems to have a little congestion and has been sneezing which he thinks is hilarious and laughs every time. I don't know if is the sneeze that's so funny or our reaction saying, "Bless you!" each time. He also has been waking up screaming and has had a very low grade fever the past couple of nights. Possibly teething? It sounds like it to me, so we are on constant tooth watch around here.

He's also decided he loves his exersaucer, he doesn't so much interact with the toys around it (he can't quite reach them yet) but he loves to be up and having a rattle or his "night night" and kicking his feet around. This morning I had him playing on the floor and he kept twisting his body around to stare at it. I would try to entertain him otherwise and he would keep rolling around to watch it, so in I put him and he started giggling and yelling and pushing himself up and down in it. He was so happy!

We've also started baby sign language. He really pays attention to me when I talk to him, so I figured now was a great time to start. We do "help," "more," "eat," and "all done."

At last check on the baby scale (on Monday or so) Max weighed almost 13.5 lbs. We go back to the Dr on Oct 7 for our official weight check, but my guess is they'll say he's doing just fine.

We made an offer on a house on Tuesday and last night the family got back to us and had accepted the offer! We are so excited to move forward and hopefully this will all continue to go smoothly, we will have a lot of work to do on the house before we move in (inlcuding ripping out the bathroom and a wall to remodel it). So the blog may instead become lessons on home improvement and DIY projects. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Busy fun times!!What a difference a year makes!!!-Now imagine next year at this time!!!!Barb

Laura said...

Congrats on the house! That is awesome...

Good idea to make your own healthy food for Max. I can just picture him playing in that exersaucer!

Darby said...

I feel so special! And, Kate says thanks. And, btw, this is not helping with the fact that I MISS YOU!