Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Weekend

We've had a busy weekend, but boy was it fun! I can't think of anything else we could have crammed into it, so enjoy the many pictures!

This weekend was Washington's Homecoming and now that we are leading youth we decided we should try to make it to as much as possible.

Friday afternoon the whole town shut down for the Homecoming Parade. We joined a couple church members and watched the kids parade around town. Adam was so proud of himself, he got some shout outs from some of the youth kids in the parade.

Max's First Parade

Friday Night Lights
Later that evening we set out for the football game and I realized I don't own anything orange to wear! We'll have to fix that one. But Max had his Washington Panthers shirt, Adam had his orange tshirt and I at least had the sling I carry Max in and it has an orange stripe in it.

Max was sleepy, (as it was his bedtime by the time we got to the game) and would just fall asleep in time for someone to score or for there to be a big play. It became pretty clear that I have issues not yelling at football games, it must be all the years of little league and Ohio State football watching. Poor thing, he kept getting woken up every time I yelled.

We sat with some ladies from church and had a wonderful time! We did leave close to the end of third quarter because Max was so sleepy and it was getting chilly out!

Super Sale Saturday
I had heard about this awesome sub development garage sale that's held twice a year around here so I decided to check it out. Adam was kind enough to watch Max so I could easily get in and out of the car. I was on the prowl for potential things for our new home (we'll have a lot more rooms than we have furniture!) specifically I've been wanting a hutch or sideboard for the dining room (no purpose really, just somewhere to display pretty dishes and vignettes like those I see on all the blogs I read). I'm also on the hunt for at least a full sized bed (possibly even a queen) for a spare bed, so when couples come to visit we don't have to always get the air mattress out.

Well the sub development did not dissapoint. I found baby GAP and Gymboree boys clothes for $1 a piece, a small umbrella stoller (for our trip to Florida, so I don't have to bring his monstrous big one), and a hutch. The hutch said "Make Offer" and while I was chatting with the ladies, I told them I would pay $40 for it (completely lowballed them) and they took my name and number in case they didn't sell it over the course of the day. Around 1pm they called back and told me I could have it if I wanted. So I borrowed a van and off I went to pick up my treasure. It was originally a built in so it will have to be in a corner (the one side is completely flat where the molding should be) and I will probably paint it black (since our dining chairs are black) but I'm super excited to put pretty things behind the sliding glass.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
Today we had our "normal" busyness but with an added twist. We were invited to go out to Tanner's Orchards where they have apples (of course) and lots of fun autumn stuff. We enjoyed some samples strolling through the market and bought way too much. I currently have a gallon of apple cider, caramel popcorn nuggets, a dozen cider doughnuts, apple butter, caramel apples, and a butternut squash (for further babyfood making expeditions).

Speaking of which, I was totally right about the saving money part, the squash was two dollars and it weighs at least 3-4 lbs. Making this babyfood will save me so much money!

We also took the time to take some pictures for a Kipp family update/pictures to be sent to friends. Here's a sneak peek, just act excited when you get them in the mail, ok? Also you can vote for your favorite in the comments, I really can't decide which ones I like the most! I've numbered them for your convenience.

#1 The Family Photo

#2 Where's the Baby?

#3 Our lil Pumpkin 1

#4 Our lil Pumpkin 2

#5 Our lil Pumpkin 3

#6 Playing with Gourds

#7 Smiling Gourds

#8 Talking Gourds (I like this one because that's a face he makes all the time, the curious, inquisitive, kindof suspicious face)

Autumn used to be my least favorite time of year, the summer was when my birthday is and there was no school, the spring was pretty and had lots of color and flowers, and winter had snow and snowdays and Christmas, and autumn didn't really have anything for me. But as I grow older, autumn has become my favorite time of year, I love anything flavored pumpkin, I love mixing candy corn and peanuts (it always reminds me of you, Darby), and I love the color of turning leaves and gourds of all types, the orange, green, yellow, red combinations. So I had a great time with the camera, I think our friends may have thought I was a little crazy, but my favorite place was around the back of the main event where all the harvested gourds were stored in crates awaiting their debut in the "fields" where people could purchase them. You know, awaiting their autumn destiny.


Laura said...

#1 and # 7 are my favs, but it was hard to pick! Autumn looks's still summer here :)

Amber said...

#1 is a must. You all even look coordinated like you were planning the family photo! Nice job. And, the pictures of Max are all so good, but I think I like #3 the best. Glad you are enjoying autumn. I am hoping we get more of an autumn in Kansas!

Jason Paragon said...

#1 is wonderful! And how can a baby have a bad pic??? I like the inquisitive look the best though;)-- I forget the number. Love and hugs!!! Amy

Anonymous said...

They are all wonderful!!! My vote is #1,3,&7!! Sounds like an action packed weekend that was lots of fun!!!Grammy

Kara said...

I love all the pics but #7 got my vote. I am loving those cheeks of his!

Darby said...

LOVE all of the pics--especially the green-eyed one!
I also have a favor? Can you hook me up with the co. (give me the info?) that publishes blogs (my mom wants a hard copy of mine)? LOVE YOU! MISS YOU (nothing new about that!).

Darby said...

BTW my vote is for #6--love M's expression and adore his adorable shadow adoring.