Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This week...

I can't believe it's only Wednesday! I seem to have my hands in a little bit of everything and have been perfectly content today to stay in the house (and even catch a little nap!) while the weather is cooling off dramatically. I think we'll take a walk this afternoon to see what we can see.

The Women's Bible Study started yesterday. Right now it's 8 women all of us from different backgrounds and ages. I'm looking forward to the book we are reading (a study of John, I would give you the title and reference it to amazon but I can't see it from where I am and am too lazy to move to find it). I am also looking forward to learning more about these women (some go to our church and some don't).

This weekend is the Morton Pumpkin Festival. Those of you who know me, know about my love affair with pumpkin. mmmmm I can't wait. They posted the food options in the little local paper and so I've been plotting the best schedule to get all the pumpkin goodness. I'm most looking forward to pumpkin chili and my all time favorite, pumpkin ice cream.

Grandpa Kipp will be in town this weekend to look at the house we're interested in with us, then we will have it inspected the middle of next week.

Tonight is AWANA, tomorrow are church visits and possibly a pop over to the festival, Friday is my weekly lunch date with some ladies and possibly a little playdate with some other kids for Max in the morning, and then the weekend. Golly, time sure does fly around here.

I've been tossing around the idea of trying to keep a sketch/idea book. I couldn't find any at all the stores (I'm pretty limited to Target and Walmart around here) and I also flirted around with the idea of buying one on etsy, but I couldn't justify a purchase if I wasn't sure I would use it. So my second sketchbook will come from there. Last night after Max was down and Adam was still at the elder meeting I remembered a tutorial that I had seen where they sewed booklets. I really couldn't remember where I had seen it but in my head the idea was pretty simple. So I kept it simple and went for it. I folded some computer paper in half (I remembered they used recycled paper from projects, but I just don't have any) and some decorative paper for the cover (should have used thicker paper but I didn't) and sewed down the fold. Easy Peasy. And Cute to Boot.

Max is gaining weight, I weighed him last night and he's up to around 12 lbs. So that's almost half a pound in a week. Wow, that's progress. He's seemed to have gained it all in his cheeks.
Here he is playing on the Beth's Star Afghan I made him before he was born.
And here playing on a granny square one (this was my first baby afghan ever) made way before we even thought of having babies. I just couldn't give it away.
Has anyone seen my puppy? He's pretty sad.
Talking with his favorite toy from Grammy, Mr. Neigh Neigh. I have to put pillows on the side of him now because he likes to roll around so much and scootch around but he needs some good old fashioned tummy time.


Kara said...

I can tell that he is gaining weight. Love those cheeks! :)

Darby said...

Praise the Lord for Max's weight gain!

elea said...

hey chica, i've caught up on your blog and noticed that you were curious as to who was reading your it...hilarious! i admit it...i read your blog about twice a week....hehehe

miss ya!